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RED EAR TURTLE The Red Ear Turtle is the most common fresh water turtle in the world. It is easily identified with it's read marking on the ears.

The female Red Ear Turtle grows to approximately 25cm long in the shell, and the male 15 - 18cm. The life expectancy is 45 to 50 years in captivity.

The male Red Ear Turtle has very long claws on their front feet and a very large tail in comparison to the females.

The Red Ear Turtle is easy to keep and can be hand fed.

When your Red Ear Turtle grows too large for your tank he will usually adapt easily to pond living.

The Snake Neck Turtle is native to Australia and is identified by it's grey/black body and especially its long neck that must be tucked in sideways for protection. SNAKE NECK TURTLE

The Snake Neck Turtle both male and female grow to approximately 20 to 25cm and are identical to each other in every way, making sexing very difficult. It is unknown just how long they will live.

The Snake Neck Turtle is easy to keep but care should be taken when hand feeding as they are very quick! Apart from this, when food is not around, they are very placid and make great pets.

The Snake Neck Turtle is very hardy and is ideal for those who want to keep something different but because of their placid nature they should not be kept together with Red Ear Turtles.

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